With our multiannual experience in erotic items trade, we have created for you a space full of energy, freshness, eroticism with top quality services with the signature “hot celebrities”. A store with rich design for both men and women. The aim of this erotic site is to fight against the prejudices associated with puritanism and to help the Corfiots find new paths in their eroticism! All products are checked before shipment for proper operation so that when shipped, they are ALL in good working order. We guarantee your direct and reliable service wherever you are in Greece. We ensure constant product renewal and communication for your consumer needs so that we are at the top of your list of choices. We respect your needs and honestly say our opinion, always keeping confidentiality to the fullest. Daily missions throughout Greece.






Ethnikis Antistaseos 10, Corfu 49100
Tel : 2109 230464 Mob : 698 4881360 / Open : 12:00 – 21:00