Wanting to make a new start in the field of erotic items, in 2009 Harris opened the Athens shop with joy and vision. His aim was the customers to get familiar with erotic aids and accessories of the modern era. His efforts were focused on guiding and advising his customers so that the product they would choose, would be proportionate with their expectations and fantasies. For this reason, he also participated in a similar seminar abroad, aiming at information and know-how in the field of erotic items. In 2014, for personal reasons, he moved to Corfu and his father (Alexandros) took over the business, who with the same desire and love continues to run it until today. In 2016 they jointly decided to extend this activity to Corfu. Thus, from August 2016, the second store on the island operates, where this time not only the Corfiots have the opportunity to make their purchases in a pleasant and intimate environment without any reservations or taboo, but also the foreigners from all over the world. The multiannual experience he has acquiredm requires him to be discreet and at the same time offer solutions and ideas to anyone who wants to make his erotic life more enjoyable, with constant renewal and challenges that every partner would like.



Αλέξανδρος Γιαλοψός

In 2014 Alexandros took over the business of Athens. He made sure to enrich it with more products that are addressed to individuals and professionals, while extending the working hours of the store. With his multiannual experience in the construction and design of professional spaces, he created the erotic toy manufacturing department. The public’s demand for “something different,” urged Alexandros to seek new solutions to implement this idea. Today, he undertakes any construction of furniture related to sadomasochistic products (leather, wood and metal) that suit your own erotic fantasies by special order. In 2015 he attended seminars for the manufacture of BDSM products to further enrich the range of tailor-made constructions, thus adding a special new category. The “Elite Toys” are made of exquisite materials and are designed by us for you, covering all sexual preferences. Therefore, we are now available to set up your own sex shop. In 2016 there was a refurbishment in the store, changing at the same time the facade of the shop. In order to facilitate the wishes of his customers, he has also established the shipping of products in your area.